Working at Fagor

At Fagor Industrial we are aware that a firm's greatest asset are the people

  • Philippe Lebot

    The Fagor brand is something that has to be looked after all the time, as it is an intangible asset that conditions the tangible supply of the brand

    Philippe Lebot Director of the French Office
  • Gorka Arregi

    At Fagor we back up a very good product with an excellent service. Every day we strive to be a point of reference in the sector, accompanying our customers anywhere in the world

    Gorka Arregi National Head of SAT
  • Carmelo Villanueva

    We think globally but act locally. Working at Fagor is like working open to the world, its about meeting other cultures and learning how to adapt to them

    Carmelo Villanueva Europa and Magreb Area Manager
  • Oier Biritxinaga

    Cook, cook and cook. This is how we like to test our products, in order to offer our customers the best solutions in industrial catering equipment

    Oier Biritxinaga Corporate Chef
  • Nadeem Abdul Wahed

    To work at Fagor is to feel part of a brand with a long history behind it, able to evolve in order to become a reference in the modern world

    Nadeem Abdul Wahed Middle East Branch Manager

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