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Basque Country
Fagor Industrial S.Coop.
Fagor Industrial S.Coop.

Santxolopetegi Auzoa, 22
20560 O?ati Gipuzkoa- (Spain)

Tel: 943 718 030
Fax: 943 718 181


Out factory is divided into different areas for the reception, production, assembly and supervision that, in more than 25,000 square metres, are constantly innovating to adapt to the requirements of the sector. With a staff of almost 500 specialists, trained to meet and manufacture a growing demand for products that will be exported to more than 90 countries around the world.

Fagor Gastro Polska SP.Z.O.O.

Palmiry, Warszawska 9 05-152 Czosnów (Poland)

Tel: +48 (22) 312 00 00
Fax: +48 (22) 312 00 01
San Luis de Potosí
Fagor Professional México

Circuito Exportación no 201. Parque Industrial Tres Naciones 2oA ET. 78395 san Luis de Potosí (México)

Fagor Endüstriyel Dayanikii Tüketim
Esentepe Mah.?n?nü Cad.Kartal Kule Plaza. No:147 Kat 6 Daire 58-59-60 34870 Kartal / ?stanbul
Tel: +90 262 7511031
Fax: +90 262 7511032
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