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Contact our Technical Service network in the event of a query or an operating fault in your equipment. We have a wide network of qualified professionals, find your nearest service here.

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Fagor Service

Fagor's know-how, professionalism and confidence, at your service

FAGOR SERVICE is a concept that covers all the after-sales services that Fagor Industrial offers their customers. From the assembly and installation of products to the different types of corrective and preventive maintenance, via the classical repair or parts services.

A world of solutions to ensure Fagor products are always in perfect condition. We are at your service. Can we help you?

A local brand with a global service

Fagor Service Manifest

A global team with honesty as a clear premise

Our advice is guided by a firm and clear premise: honesty in our advice and in our work. We are a global team who listen and endorse each person's contribution, always adopting solutions that place the common good above partial interests.

Commitment to and respect of the user

Our contracts safeguard the rights of our customers, clearly stating in writing the commitments that we make to our customers. We strive towards a job well-done and to comply to and keep our promises.


Both our own official Fagor engineers and other authorised engineers are required to treat our customers with respect.

Respect for the environment

In addition to complying to stringent regulations regarding sustainability, we strive to ensure that our work respects the environment.

Compliance with current legislation and regulations

All our services are duly authorised and supported by the corresponding legislation and regulations for the sector.

Advice based on empathy with the customer

The best solution for the customer is also the best solution for us. Our work is based on empathy so that we can offer the service solution that best meets the characteristics of your business.

Integral care of machinery

Correctly maintained machinery is equivalent to a guarantee of quality. This is why we look after the minutest detail of the machinery on which we are working.

4 pillars of an excellent service

  • Integrity

    Did you know that more than 50% of problems with guarantees during the first year are due to problems in the installation?

    This is why we take assembly very seriously. For each project we appoint an after-sales coordinator, who assesses the development of the installation and is responsible for ensuring compliance to the contract and agreed deadlines. The after-sales coordinator is also the person who supervises the development of the installation during and after the guarantee period.

  • Spare parts

    Genuine Fagor spare parts. The best guarantee.

    By experience we know that quality and the guarantee of spare parts fitted in the machines is essential for ensuring the correct performance and durability. That is why at FAGOR SERVICE we always use genuine FAGOR spare parts.

  • Repairs

    Experience is essential for a rapid and efficient repair, but it is not all.

    At FAGOR we have a maxim: each repair is an opportunity to apply what we have learnt. And as we have learnt a lot over 50 years, it could be said that we have the most experienced technical teams in Spain. We are called out to more than 8000 repairs per year.

  • Maintenance

    More maintenance, more savings, more profits.

    A well-maintained piece of equipment is a synonym for profitability. The better the machine is operating and the more productive it is, the better are the results for your business, both in terms of cooking quality and in the profitability of each dish. This is why we pay special attention to offering maintenance packages with unbeatable financial conditions that adapt to different businesses and, therefore, requirements.

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