ONNERA Group is an international business group dedicated to providing equipment solutions for the hotel and catering, laundry and refrigeration sectors

It brings together brand names including Fagor, Edenox, Inoxfera, Efficold, Asber, Danube, Domus and Primer, leaders in different sectors, markets and countries.

A global group which markets its products on all five continents. It has 8 manufacturing plants strategically placed around the world (Spain, France, Poland and Mexico) and more than 2000 professionals able to offer a wide range of solutions adapted to each market.

Part of the MONDRAGON cooperative experience, ONNERA Group is committed to a better future. A future where the brands forming the group are synonymous with integrity, commitment, initiative and team working, to walk together towards a new era. A proactive attitude to constantly seek better, more efficient and sustainable ways of performing, making ONNERA Group an international leader. A global reference.

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  • ONNERA Group has more than 1000 distribution points and offices on the five continents
  • More than 2000 professionals work at ONNERA Group
  • ONNERA Group forms part of the MONDRAGON cooperative experience.
  • ONNERA Group's turnover in 2016 amounted to 214 million Euros.

ONNERA Group, from O?ati, innovation, to a new era.

Our name reflects the group's path, its journey, past, present and future. It is a play on certain evocative words: O?ati, innovation, new era...

It brings together the characteristics of a business group focussed towards the future, towards a new stage, in which being "on" will be essential in all senses of the word.

Onera in Euskera (Basque language spoken in the Basque Country and, consequently, also in O?ati, the town where the Group was born) means “towards the right road”.

  • Leading business group in the Basque Country and tenth in Spain

  • More than 260 companies and structured entities, divided in turn into 4 economic areas: Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge

  • More than 73,600 employees and 75 production plants at international level

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