Fagor Industrial joins the Basque Culinary Center board with innovation and development as its pillars of action


San Sebastián, 29 July 2019?– Fagor Industrial has joined the board of the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) to push for development and innovation in the field of equipment for the hotel and restaurant sector.

Basque Culinary Center is a pioneering academic institution worldwide with the main aim of higher education, research, innovation and promotion of gastronomy and nutrition.? It shares many of these objectives with Fagor Industrial, which, by means of the agreement, becomes a member of the board, the highest body of the Basque Culinary Center. In this way, Fagor Industrial links its strategy of search for excellence in product and service with this leading institution in the gastronomy sector.

Since its creation in September 2011, Basque Culinary Center works to be the international benchmark in academic training and research, and to promote gastronomy as a lever of socio-economic development through the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and the Centre for Research and Innovation.

“It is an honour to work hand in hand with an international leader in gastronomy and nutrition such as the Basque Culinary Center”, comments Mario López, Managing Director of Fagor Industrial. “We want to contribute to the growth of the hotel and restaurant sector, making a commitment to the state of the art and to innovation in our products and services. We are certain that the Basque Culinary Center will be the motor that drives us closer to our future objectives”, concludes López.

“The continuous training of our teams is another of our commitments at Fagor Industrial, and what better way to do that than to seek support in the BCC, a pioneering academic institution worldwide”, emphasises Iker Alberdi, CEO of ONNERA Group.

Joxe Mari Aizega, Managing Director of Basque Culinary Center states: “The commitment to excellence and the continuing drive for innovation form part of Basque Culinary Center’s values. These are values shared by both institutions. Our union with Fagor Industrial strengthens the development of a joint endeavour that projects research and the state of the art as an agent for change in gastronomy.”

About ONNERA Group

ONNERA Group is an international business group working to provide equipment solutions for the restaurant & catering, laundry and refrigeration applications industries. It brings together brands such as Fagor, Inoxfera, Asber, Edenox, Efficold, Danube, Domus and Primer, all leaders in different sectors, markets and countries. A global group that markets its products over the five continents. It has 9 manufacturing plants that are strategically distributed around the world (Spain, France, Poland and Mexico) and over 2,200 professionals able to offer a wide variety of solutions adapted to meet the needs of each individual market.

About Fagor Industrial

Fagor Industrial, a corporative integrated in Mondragon, is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the hotel, restaurant and laundry trade. With over 60 years of experience and intimate knowledge of the day-to-day work and needs of the hotel and restaurant professional, Fagor Industrial offers a complete range of products under the same brand. Fagor Industrial forms part of the international ONNERA Group, and is also its parent company.


Basque Culinary Center is a unique ecosystem in which training, innovation, research and enterprise coexist for the purpose of developing and promoting gastronomy, understood as the reasoned knowledge of what we eat and how we eat it. Located in San Sebastián since 2011, Basque Culinary Center is a pioneering institution composed of the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences with students from 32 countries and an academic offer of a Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, 8 Masters, and specialisation courses; of what we call BCC Innovation: an interdisciplinary research centre that researches and innovates in product and service design while supporting businesses and new entrepreneurs; and of a wide range of programmes, initiatives and events.

Fagor Industrial joins the Basque Culinary Center board with innovation and development as its pillars of action
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