Meet Fagor Industrial


Fagor Industrial is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the hotel, restaurant and laundry sectors.

With more than 60 years of experience and out of familiarity with the professional hotelier’s needs and day-to-day work, Fagor Industrial offers a complete range of products under a single brand.

We bring this work to fruition with a dedicated and approachable team who guarantee an excellent result for the most demanding professionals.

Prestigious international brands put their trust in Fagor Industrial

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We are specialists in the manufacture of horizontal cooking equipment, ovens, dishwashers, commercial refrigeration and laundry machinery.


Specialists. Innovation. Commitment.

At Fagor Industrial, we are as committed to our customers’ needs as we are to those of the environment, and this commitment is precisely what has made us progress until becoming a world leader. Because the answers to both needs are always two, and always the same: specialisation and innovation.

In this way, and aiming to respond at all times to the requirements of the professional hotelier, we have succeeded in being specialists in the manufacture of industrial kitchens, ovens, industrial dishwashers, commercial refrigeration and laundry machinery.

At present, Fagor Industrial is a reference as an <span>all-round supplier</span> in solutions for the hotel and catering trade.

Mission and values

As part of the Mondragon cooperative experience, we seek to be recognised as a business where:

  • We grow with our customers, working together to find the most efficient solutions wherever needed.
  • We act as a team of responsible people involved in a common project.
  • We are committed to society and its future with the development of energy-efficient and sustainable products.

Our values

  • Integrity

    We act with integrity, open and transparently, seeking to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations with the people who form the group and with our customers and allies.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to striving to obtain results through work well-done and by complying to and keeping to our promises.

  • Global team

    We are A Global Team. We listen to and endorse each person's contributions, we share a Group vision and we adopt, as our own, decisions that place common good above partial interests.

  • Initiative

    We act with Initiative, taking a proactive attitude in order to provide solutions to the customer quickly, to constantly seek better ways of performing and to build an increasingly stronger company.

Together we evolve


Joint effort

At Fagor Industrial we believe joint effort is the best way to obtain the most efficient solutions. We work with the responsibility of giving the best of ourselves to ensure the result is a shared achievement.

Together, always close. Working in a team with customers, distributors and professionals.


Talented people

Fagor Industrial are the people who make it possible, and who make Fagor into a universally recognised brand. People who seek constant improvement, who seek to cross limits. Talented and dedicated people committed to going further.


Spirit of evolution

We live in a moving world, where evolution is a duty: innovate, seek better, more efficient solutions. Do things well, strive for excellence, offer value.

At Fagor Industrial this spirit of evolution has allowed us to become who we are today.

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