Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration

Whether you wish to cool, store or display food and drink, we are the leaders in the market with an extensive range of refrigeration appliances. With a huge variety in terms of size, applications, features and finishes.


Fagor display cases bring the perfect combination of quality materials and modern design. Polished stailess steel, elegant curved glass and anodized aluminum work together under a bright LED blue light for an attractive product display.

These self contained units keep a constant airflow, maintaining all the flavor and texture of your fresh dishes.

Counter-Top Rails

Fagor new counter-top rails are the perfect solution to upgrade your preparation area or create an attractive self-service station for your take aways.

These refrigerated stainless steel units are designed to maintain a safe food environment and keep your toppings cool and fresh. Now it is finally the time to go creative with hotdogs, sandwiches, salads and much more. Enjoy.

MERCHANDISERS. Refrigerators and freezers.

Fagor merchandisers feature dual and triple pane glass door, contributing to energy efficiency and savings.

Standard digital control displays precise temeperature for customer convenience while LED lights showcase the best our of your products.

REACH INS. Refrigerators and freezers

Fagor Reach-in line comes in multiple standard sizes and various options, to fit every space in your restaurant, bar or professional kitchen.

Our solid built units incorporate the latest industry technology and provide you with stable refrigerated storage for years to come.

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