Normal Spin 25 - 30 - 40 - 60 - 80 - 135 Lbs

- Drum and jacket in AISI-304 stainless steel.

- Unit exterior manufactured in sandwich board, colour grey, stainless steel appearance.

- Detergent dispenser with 4 compartments

- 8 signals for automatic liquid dosing, programmable in time and delay. 6 extra signals available optionally.

- 3 standard water inlets.

- Variable-frequency drive (standard 50-60 Hz). Balancing system controlled by the same drive.

- New second-generation TOUCH PLUS programmer with 7” touch screen, 37 available languages and which lets you create an indefinite number of programs (29 pre-set).

- Allows programming, importing and exporting of programs and software updates via USB.

- Traceability as standard: the whole wash process (temperatures, water levels) is stored on the washer and is extractable to a PC by USB memory.

- Wet Cleaning characteristics included in the programmer (modifiable water levels and washing speed).

- Intelligent weighing system or manual load indication system to optimise water and detergent consumption at lower loads.

- “LOADING AID” system, water inlet and spin control to load the linen.

- The standard model can be converted to self-service by installing a pay station kit, coin mechanism kit or other payment system. RS-485 communication.

- Washers compatible with water recovery tanks.

- CE, WRAS and EAC product certifications.

Optional ETL-certified version of the machine.


- These machines need to be anchored to the floor.

- FAGOR offers anchoring bases specific to each model, which must be ordered separately (see table of optional kits).

- The price of the machine does not include the anchoring base.

  Model Capacity (kg) Spin rpm. Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
FWS-25TP FWS-25TP 25 538 6 719x749x1.157 Download
FWS-30TP FWS-30TP 30 538 9 719x879x1.157 Download
FWS-40TP FWS-40TP 40 507 12 788x892x1.307 Download
FWS-60TP FWS-60TP 60 483 18 884x1.029x1.307 Download
FWS-80TP FWS-80TP 80 458 21 979x1.140x1.411 Download
FWS-135TP FWS-135TP 135 458 36 1.225x1.279x1.640 Download
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